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NanoCOM-BT & Q-Service Plus Resource Guide

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AAEON’s NanoCOM-BT Type 10 CPU module is a cutting-edge product that provides high performance and low power consumption in the embedded market.
NanoCOM-BT adopts the latest Intel® Atom™ N2000/E3800 processor. The system memory deploys with onboard DDR3L 2GB or 4GB memory. In addition, Intel® I210 supports 10/100/1000Base-TX that allows faster network connections. This model applies three PCI-Express (x1), one LPC bus, and one SMBus. Moreover, two SATA 3.0Gb/s are configured on the NanoCOM-BT. NanoCOM-BT also equips six USB2.0 and one USB2.0/3.0 bus for flexible I/O expansions.
The display of NanoCOM-BT supports LVDS/DDI simultaneous/ dual view display. This brand new COM Express Module is developed to cater to the requirements of Automation, Medical, Ticket Machine, Transportation, Gaming, KIOSK and POS/POI applications, to name a few.

  • Q-Service Plus helps our customers reduce time spent on troubleshooting while expediting the development process, thus shortening time-to-market of new products. Q-Service Plus benefits include cost savings, risk reduction including “at your service” support from AAEON’s US-based on-site design and field engineers.  With Q-Service Plus, AAEON is committed to and GUARANTEES:
    • Quick circuit review of your carrier board within 5 business days
    • Quick preliminary troubleshooting feedback within 1-2 business days
    • Quick BIOS modification within 5 business days
    • Quick compatibility & reliability de-bugging resolution within 3-5 business days

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Q Service

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Fast and Professional: Q-service to Bring Reliable Support for Clients

It is very common that industrial computer makers to build systems tailored to their cilents’ specifications. From the system’s design, installation and maintainence, makers have to work closely with their cilents so as to deliver the perfect system for any situations. As this reason, cilents will be heavily reliant on the maker’s ability to provide a series of all-rounded and effective system administration services to tackle problems that may occur from the start to finish.
Q-service, a set of multi-faceted solutions provided by AAEON, is here to do just that.
The team behind Q-service is made up of veteran engineers with more than a decade of experience. When the team is conceived, their primary task is to overcome problems commonly encountered in COM Express that consisted of a main board and a carrier board. As the CPU module is designed by AAEON while the carrier board by the cilent themselves, AAEON will naturally be more familiar and possess more resources for the CPU boards, though at the same time, cilents must also be supported with quick and reliable services as problems, such as system failure incompatibility issues, occur. Through Q-service, the cilent’s carrier board will be checked thoroghly to trace the root cause of any problems.
To expediate on resolving an issue, the Q-service team proposed different procedures for the initial, interim and final phases of the troubleshooting process. During the initial phase, thanks to the benefits of many standardized COM express specifications, the Q-service team came up with a standard checklist that aims to bring convenience while conducting the initial round of checks on the cilents’ system. If technical support is required, procedures proposed in this checklist will be carried out again and any queries that both parties may have will be addressed quickly. AAEON will simultaneously assist the cilent in checking their system’s circuitry and layout, ensuring not only remedy actions is done at the shortest possible time, but are done in the right manner.
During the interim phase, Q-service will offer BIOS bring up services. Cilent can also choose to send the product over for a full assessment by our engineers. As for the final phase, which is for systems that are already up and running, any systems that needs to be returned to AAEON but could not due to system stoppages will first be remotely diagnosed by our Q-service personnel. If that failed to solve the problem, personel will be sent on location for an on-site diagnosis.
With years of experience under their belt, the engineers in the Q-service team are highly efficient in tackling any problems. By looking into the circuitry, any problems that may occur during the initial design phase can be stamped out within 3 days. For the interim phase, time needed to resolve any issues may depend on the severity of the issues in question. Typically any less complicated problems can be resolved within 3 days. For more sophisticated problems that may require components to be sent back for diagnosis, up to a week will be needed to completely iron out any issues.
Compared with other comtemporaries which relied on their AEs and FAEs for troubleshooting, AAEON’s Q-services took a step further in acquring personnel from our R&D division, thereby enchaning the service’s ability in understanding a problem and the it has overcoming it. Currently Q-service is offered free, and has expanded from the initial COM Express to other products. With very positive feedback from our cilents, the Q-service team will continue to offer this all-rounded solution in the future so as to help our cilents in building the most ideal technical cooperation platform.