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BIO Board Design Service

  2016/12/22 下午 04:28:16      Administrator      General
BIO Board Design Service: The BIO interface, or board-to-board I/O interface, is AAEON’s latest innovation for product customization. The BIO board is designed with compactness in mind and is highly customizable for other add-on features like MiniCards, USBs, COM, PoE(Power over Ethernet) ports, etc., for the perfect solution. more

POE (Power Over Ethernet)

  2016/12/28 下午 03:51:44      Administrator      General
POE (Power Over Ethernet) : A technology that can transfer power and data to devices through the Ethernet using Cat 5. twisted pair cables. Able to operate without the need to change the Ethernet cable architecture, saving time and money to configure the cables and relatively lowering the cost for the entire device system. Equipped with remote power-on/power off capabilities, short-circuit protection, over/under-voltage protection and over-current protection. more

Intel ® What Is M.2(NGFF)_Tech Paper

  2016/9/10 下午 05:25:59      Administrator      General
A new form of compact card interface, originally named the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is developed and standardized into the new M.2 interface under the SATA version 3.2 specifications. more