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Intel ® What Is M.2(NGFF)_Tech Paper

  2016/9/10 下午 05:25:59      Administrator      General
A new form of compact card interface, originally named the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is developed and standardized into the new M.2 interface under the SATA version 3.2 specifications. more

Analyzing I2C Protocol with AAEON Hi-Safe

  2016/4/6 上午 10:40:55      Administrator      General
By using the convenient Hi-Safe, the accuracy of the software engineer’s code to the hardware’s circuitry can be determined immediately, greatly minimizing the debugging time needed during development. Not only that, the status of each functions can be known with more precision when a hardware revision is due, shortening the time to market. more

NanoCOM-BT & Q-Service Plus Resource Guide

  2016/3/4 上午 11:55:42      Administrator      General